The Monotremes in a former dimensional manifestation.

The Monotremes in a former dimensional manifestation.

Who and/or What Is A The Monotremes?

An experienced interstate act, The Monotremes (fronted by pianist/composer Adam Cook) are a multigenre six-piece band who have recently re-established in Melbourne.

They feature a line-up of some of Melbourne's finest players, and provide the exhilaration of an inexplicably venomous platypus with the ancient understanding of an old, wise echidna.

Attempted descriptions of the The Monotremes' special sound include 'jazzpunk' and 'industrial cartoon'. Influenced in equal parts by J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel, Thelonious Monk, Frank Zappa, Beck, and the gorillaz, the musical style of the band is analagous to their animal namesake - bizarre in appearance, and miraculously functional.

Featuring a line-up of experienced classically-trained and improvising musicians - Adam Cook on keyboards/vocals, Joshua Kelly on saxophones, George Worthy on electric clarinet/bassoon, Curtis Reardon on guitar, Josh Holt on bass and Jonathan Griffiths on drums/percussion/samples - The Monotremes cover everything from baroque polyphony to drum and bass, psychedelic soundscape to Disney reggae, smooth jazz to downright funk, all in the same song. The result is an unparalleled musical spectacle that is quickly becoming known around Melbourne as a sure-fire way to spend a night laughing manically and freaking the hell out all at the same time.