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The Monotremes with Joe Oppenheimer at the Mallard

  • Spotted Mallard 314 Sydney Road Brunswick, VIC, 3056 Australia (map)

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The Monotremes would love to invite you to a Friday night of controlled hallucination with the help of their unjustly talented and equally hallucinatory friend, Mr. Joe Oppenheimer.

The Monotremes combine unpredictable composition, psychedelic orchestration, and consummate musicianship. Descriptions of their sound include 'jazzpunk', 'industrial cartoon' and rather unhelpfully, ‘hdsakglfhjkfs’. They are influenced in nearly equal parts by J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel, Thelonious Monk, Frank Zappa, Beck, and the gorillaz, and they like to play music for you.

The Monotremes have coupled with Melbourne's favourite Joe Oppenheimer, capturing grand ideas and tying them to catchy melodies like a balloon wizard at a kids' party.

Covering a wide spectrum of folk and pop, Joe entrances an audience as he sings of hope for the human predicament. His debut album ‘Future Memories’ is set for release in summer 2016, featuring his unique spin on how modern songwriting can be informed by tradition. To watch a set from Joe is to be both enthralled by melody and charmed by refined thought. You should come definitely and see Joe do Joe.

Please do join these two nice musics at The Spotted Mallard as they set out on another irrepressible leg of humanity's continuing mission into undiscovered musical spaces, wondering:

Is there potential for a new infinity, as we forever fail to so much as glimpse those unfathomable, ineffable limits of the creative potential of our consciousness?