Jan 1

New Year's Space Panda Pasta Party

Phantom Panda Power Wizard Master Smasher, the most adorable Space Orchestra, will be playing brutal re-arrangements of cartoon music, live and in sync with projected Looney Tunes footage. Complete with laser and light show firing completely in sync to the erratic, dramatic and highly complicated music.

Orbis Tertius are red druids manned with bouzoukis, playing Eastern-Flavoured-Gypsy-Punk-Avant-Garde-Rock. Clean out the Hookah and prepare for another interstellar journey of ecstatic emanations!

Tickets are $15 and are available here, door is $20.

Looking forward to seeing you there - ringing in the New Year with something that breaks the mold!

By All Their Powers Combined: The Monotremes / Theme Team, Old Bar, Fitzroy
8:00 pm20:00

By All Their Powers Combined: The Monotremes / Theme Team, Old Bar, Fitzroy

  • The Old Bar

Save the date! And bring your elemental ring. Ma-Ti and Suchi are gonna be there.

facebook event!

Uneasily classified multigenre smashers The Monotremes are combining their powers with Melbourne's finest TV/Movie/Game Theme covers band, Theme Team!

This is an exciting. Come have a sincerely fun, strange experience!

Listen to The Monotremes:

Listen to Theme Team's hilariously disturbing string of chorus stingers:

Theme Team is the band that plays the songs from the TV shows you probably don't even know you miss. Trust - the effect that their music will have on your subconscious mind really is insanely funny (and just a little bit scary). Hilarity ensues!

The Monotremes are part-classical, part-jazz, part-Zappa, part-psychedelic mammals that waddle through the uncharted corridors of your darkest mind.

The gig will take place in Fitzroy's Old Bar, Melbourne venue royalty.
FAQ: Yes there is Cooper's Green

Doors: 8pm, $10 (Doors only, no presales)

Theme Team: 8.30pm-9.30pm

The Monotremes: 9.50pm-10.50pm

We love you

Find them at Find them at Theme Team on facebook. Find them at Theme Team on twitter.

The Monotremes with Mingus Thingus, Funk McRump at The Workers Club
8:00 pm20:00

The Monotremes with Mingus Thingus, Funk McRump at The Workers Club

  • The Workers' Club

facebook event

The Monotremes join forces with eclectic vinyl master Funk McRump and Melbourne’s celebrated Charles Mingus interpreters - Mingus Thingus - at 7pm, Sun 28th August. 

Witness the tasteful insanity of Mingus’ compositional genius, interpreted by some of Melbourne’s most passionate and virtuosic jazz players. Led by baritone saxophonist Nick McKusker, Mingus Thingus are devoted to a soulful and original expression of the music of Charles Mingus. The band have just recorded their first live album at the Paris Cat, and are ready to play for you, too.

The Monotremes’ sound has been described as ‘jazzpunk’ and ‘industrial cartoon’ – accurate enough for a multigenre band whose unique list of musical influences range from J.S. Bach to Beck, Zappa to Monk, Maurice Ravel to Tom Waits. Specialising in rich, uncommon orchestration, spectacular musicianship, and uncommonly colourful, extended song structures, The Monotremes’ live act brings with it a balance of musical composure and irreverence.

Add to these two bands, special guest Funk McRump on vinyl, playing “a whole lot of funk & soul, peppered with some afrobeat & hip-hop”, and you have one very good Sunday evening.

The Monotremes with Joe Oppenheimer at the Mallard
8:00 pm20:00

The Monotremes with Joe Oppenheimer at the Mallard

  • Spotted Mallard

facebook event

The Monotremes would love to invite you to a Friday night of controlled hallucination with the help of their unjustly talented and equally hallucinatory friend, Mr. Joe Oppenheimer.

The Monotremes combine unpredictable composition, psychedelic orchestration, and consummate musicianship. Descriptions of their sound include 'jazzpunk', 'industrial cartoon' and rather unhelpfully, ‘hdsakglfhjkfs’. They are influenced in nearly equal parts by J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel, Thelonious Monk, Frank Zappa, Beck, and the gorillaz, and they like to play music for you.

The Monotremes have coupled with Melbourne's favourite Joe Oppenheimer, capturing grand ideas and tying them to catchy melodies like a balloon wizard at a kids' party.

Covering a wide spectrum of folk and pop, Joe entrances an audience as he sings of hope for the human predicament. His debut album ‘Future Memories’ is set for release in summer 2016, featuring his unique spin on how modern songwriting can be informed by tradition. To watch a set from Joe is to be both enthralled by melody and charmed by refined thought. You should come definitely and see Joe do Joe.

Please do join these two nice musics at The Spotted Mallard as they set out on another irrepressible leg of humanity's continuing mission into undiscovered musical spaces, wondering:

Is there potential for a new infinity, as we forever fail to so much as glimpse those unfathomable, ineffable limits of the creative potential of our consciousness?